Photobook of coten

We chose square book to convey the goodness of photos directly. Any photos have any ratio layouted beautifully.

In order to maximize the attractiveness of expression in the form of photobook, we carefully examine paper quality and binding method too.



H: 150mm × W: 150mm


Matte paper

The fine quality elegant texture make photobook splendid.


Slipboard binding

Since it spreads flat, a book binded in this way is ideal for appreciating photos.


15% of book price (tax excl.) will be returned as a royalty to the author.

16 pages ¥2,002 (tax incl.)
24 pages ¥2,816 (tax incl.)
36 pages ¥4,048 (tax incl.)
  • Photos look good because the layout is quite simple.
  • Since pages open flat, you can appreciat photos firmly.
  • The fine matte finish free you from fingerprints and reflections.