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What is coten?

Coten is a SNS for photo fans. You can have your personal photo exhibitions on the internet for free. You can communicate with photo fans in the world through exhibitions.

Is coten free?

Of course. You can use coten for free semi-permanently.

When I access coten with the Android browser, the views collapse.

We are so sorry, but this service does not support Android Browser version 4.3 or lower. Please try with another browser such as Google Chrome.


Can I use coten without it's account?

Yes. You can discover and visit exhibitions without coten account.
However, you need an account to have your exhibitions, follow users or add some reactions to others' exhibitions.

I cannot sign in.

Did you finished registration procedure from a confirmation mail? If not, please finish the procesure, or you cannot sign in to coten.
If you cannot receive confirmation mail, please check "I cannot receive confirmation mail." out.
If you cannot sign in although finished the procedure, please check "Forgot my password..." out, since inputted password may wrong.

I cannot receive confirmation mail.

One of the following causes may be considered.
・Your mail software regards our email as a spam →Please check the spam folder out. If there was our email, edit your email setting not to regard emails from us as spams. ・Reception refusal setting is done on your cellular phone etc. →Please edit setting to receive emails from "" domain, and resend confirmation mail. ・The email address is wrong. →Please check your correct email address carefully, and sign up from sign up form again.

Forgot my password...

You can begin password reset procedure from this page. Please input your account's email address, and you will get an email for resetting password. Then, access password reset form from the email and reset your password.

What does "Sign in with facebook ID" means?

If you have a facebook account, you can use the authentication information to verify your coten account. It saves the trouble of entering email address, password, etc. when you are signing in or signing up.

I wanna delete my coten account.

You can delete your account from Account setting. However, deleted account information cannot be restored again. Please note that point.


How can I discover exhibitions?

"Walking-man icon" on the header is the button to go to discover exhibitions. You can visit the page from "Discover" on the footer, etc. too. At the page, you can filter exhibitions by categories and discover menus such as "Popular" or"Fresh", and also can search with keywords.

What can I search for with keywords?

You can search for exhibitions in public, with their titles, user names, or tags.

Can I search with multiple keywords?

Yes, you can. Separate words with spaces. "like this way"

Holding exhibitions

How can I have my exhibition?

If you have a coten account, you can have and manage your exhibitions from Manage.
If you don't have yet, please create coten account from this page.

What is "open period"?

All pulished exhibitions are stay public for 14 days.

Where do closed exhibitions go?

When the open period ends, the exhibition will no longer be displayed in the feeds. But you can see them from favorites list, "Closed exhibitions" on profile page, etc. in a simple view.

Can I have multiple exhibitions at the same time?

No, you can't. While you have a published exhibition, you can only prepare the next exhibition.

What will happen if I make my exhibition "hidden"?

The exhibition come to be invisible for others. Even in such a case, closing date will not extend.

My exhibition's status came to be "blocked".

"Blocked" means the exhibition is hidden, since it was judged to contain inappropriate contents. Blocked exhibition is not displayed on feeds and you cannot see the contents even if you accessed it's url. Even in such a case, you cannot have next exhibition until original closing date.

Why my exhibition was "blocked"?

The review of posted exhibition is done only on the point of whether or not it corresponds to the prohibited matters of Terms of Service. Please note that we will not accept any complaints regarding the review.

Is there any fixed format or size of pictures that I can upload to my exhibitions?

You can upload JPEG format file smaller than 10MB. If the filesize is larger than 10MB, the picture is automatically resized.

How is the copyright of the posted pictures handled?

The copyright of the posted picture belongs to the user. Please see Terms of Service for detail

Photobook sales

Do I have to pay for photobook sales?

No, it costs nothing. In addition, if your photobooks are purchased, we will pay you 15% of the book price (Tax excl.) as royalties.

I cannot upload pictures to create a photobook.

The pictures you can use for photobooks are only those that have already uploaded for your exhibitions. Let's begin with enjoying holding exhibitions.

How can I paste photos to my photobooks?

on PC: -> Drag photos in the left box and drop it into the gray boxes on the preview of the book on the right.
on Mobile phone: -> Tap the gray boxes with camera icons, and you will see the picture list. Select pictures to use from the list. You can select multiple pictures at the same time.

Can I sell multiple photobooks?

Only one book can be sold at the same time. You can create multiple books in a private state, but you have to choose one to sell among them.

I'd like to edit my published photobooks.

You cannot edit books once they are published. If you need to modify them, please delete them and create new ones.

Can I set the price of my photobooks and the royalties I receive?

No, you cannot. The prices of books are fixed by the number of the pages of the books. The percentages of the royalties are also fixed at 15%, so you cannot set it arbitrarily.

I don't need any royalties. Can I sell my photobooks at lower price?

The percentage of the royalty to the book price is fixed at 15%.


What's royalties?

Royalties are the rewards you can receive when your photobooks are sold. We will pay you 15% of the book price. You can receive the royalties you got with Amazon Gift Cars or Deposit, or you can also use them as photobook purchase price on coten.

How can I use royalties on coten?

Royalties can be used as photobook purchase price. Put books you'd like to purchase into your cart and go to register, then you can set the amount of royalties to use.

I cannot receive royalties even though requested for it.

The royalty payment period is 5 business days from the requwsted date. If payment cannot be confirmed even after the period, please inquire from the form at the bottom of this page.

I'd like to cancel my request for royalties.

You cannot cancel your requests. Please confirm the contents carefully before sending them.

How are the royalties handled if I purchase my Photobook.

They will be paid to your account, just as with buying photobooks of other users.

Buying photobooks

Can I choose deliverer?

Deliverer is automatically determined according to the number of photobooks you ordered. Less than 2, "クロネコDM", more then 3, "ゆうパック" are selected. In either case, postage is uniformly ¥172(Tax excl.)
* Sometimes it going to be different by campaign etc.

Can I cancel my order?

You cannot cancel your order once it is confirmed. We cannot accept requests for returns and refunds, except for the cases of damages or failures of books at the time of arrival.

There are some missing pages in the book arrived.

We will exchange the book for a new one, if there are some damages or failures in it at the time of arrival. Please contact us from the arrival from the form at the bottom of this page in 8 days. Please note that we cannot exchange even though you returned the book without prior notification.

What's Billing address?

It is the personal information of the person paying the purchase price. If it is same as Shipping address, you can omit input of it by selecting "Same as shipping".

Is there any available payment method?

Coten only supports credit cards for payment, so you cannot select it.

I'd like to check delivery status out.

Sorry, but you can't. If ordinally, books are shipped about a week from the order. \"ゆうパック\" takes a few days, \"クロネコDM\" takes around 4 days from the day of shipping.
* It may take longer time to deliver in vacation season or holiday season or depending on shipping status and traffic conditions.